These words of mine are spoken so clearly

All the wonderful phrases I write so dearly

Words to make you feel loved and cared for

Making your desires drive you for more

I’ll hold you tight and make you feel all warm

I’m here for you to protect you from the storm

Stopping to indulge in all that is pretty and sweet

Enjoying all the pleasures that surrounds us all

Never can you push or rush us down the path

Try not to embarrass us or you’ll feel our wrath

We are told we are misunderstood lovers

That we are best when we are under the covers

Try and understand these simple words I write

Let go of yourself, let your soul go into flight

I will take you on a very special trip

Where my life will make you understand a little bit

If you try and understand the people we are

You will come to find that you cant push us to far

With Me you will feel an attraction from the great beyond

A relationship with Me will be the greatest bond

You will see Me laugh, you will see Me cry

I will never give you those reasons to wave goodbye

Make a home for us, and we’ll fill it full of life

You will never live your life in strife

In this life you will find there are good and bad

Never again will your clothes be out of fad

Our lovers are the most important things we enjoy

I promise you, you will never feel like your just a toy

This I promise to you on this beautiful day

Because I am this child that was born in May

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One Response to Words

  1. gail says:

    the words of one in love only then would you understand the true meaning.micheal this is beautiful.

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