An Adventure

Last night I went to bed, looking forward to a good nights sleep. When I found myself standing at the edge of a clearing, in some sort of a dense forest or jungle. In the middle of the clearing stood a large tree. As I looked at the tree, I noticed something hanging from one of the high branches. So I decided to walk over to see what it was.

When I got close enough to tell what it was, I saw that it was a small type of deer, that someone had hung up by its hind legs with a rope! As I was approaching the tree, I heard a noise behind me. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw the largest Tigress that I have ever seen or imagined. She bounded through the edge of the clearing that I was walking in. She was taking large leaps toward where I was standing.

The thought went through my mind, that this was going to be a painful death, for me! But she leaped past me, and with one last great leap, she flew up into the air and grabbed the hanging deer! Both her and the deer hung there for a split second, and then a large rope net engulfed them both! The whole mess then fell to the ground.

In the struggle to free herself, the tiger became hopelessly entangled in the net. She then became still, and looked at me, very intensely! I slowly approached her and the net. I could see in her eyes that she was asking for me to help her. I started looking for a way to make it easy for her to extricate herself from the net. All the while she just watched me, never moving a single muscle. When I finally had the net cleared from her head, I backed off and laid in a small depression on the ground.

I fully expected her to free herself, and run off, out of the clearing. But she didn’t do this. Instead she slowly walked over to where I was laying, and lowered her head and shoulders, putting her face very close to mine. I could smell and feel her warm breath on my face. The look in her big beautiful eyes, said thank you!

I then put my hands on each side of her head, and gently pulled my face close enough to kiss her on her forehead! As I did this, she started to purr, it was so deep and low, it made my whole body vibrate. The feel of her fur and the heat of her body was intoxicating! At about the same time, we both could hear the approaching trappers. I told her "You must go now", before the trappers saw her.

She reluctantly started to leave, and turned to look at me one more time, before she disappeared into the underbrush. At this moment I found myself back in my bed, and had tears steaming down my face. I will never forget the whole experience! It was not a dream, it was as real as it could get! I can tell the difference between dreaming and reality. In dreams there are always missing elements of reality, such as distortion of time and space. All of my physical senses were in play also, sight, sound, touch, smell and every thing else! IT WAS REAL!

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One Response to An Adventure

  1. Geri says:

    How fortunate you are to have had this experience!  and how lucky for the Tigress!  Again, thanks for sharing!!!
    Blessed Be!

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