Practice Extravagant Dreaming!

Opening The Mind

Allowing your mind to think extravagantly will lead you to extravagant dreaming! You know the kind of dreaming you did when you were a kid, when opportunities were abundant. Your dreams were so big; you knew you had to grow into them.

It takes courage to dream big. But the reality is, the only difference between a dream and reality is ACTION! Unfulfilled dreams are just dreams that were never followed through with action. The danger in these unfulfilled dreams is that they begin to affect your success in other areas of life. They begin to produce a scarcity pattern ā€“ a limiting consciousness. This was never supposed to be. We are the only creatures in all of creation with the ability to dream! Dreams lead to action. Action leads to reality.

Do you believe that dreams really do come true?

You used to believe this. Could it be that a collection of unfulfilled dreams has caused you to lose this precious gift? You can rekindle your innate ability to dream extravagantly by recalling some of the goals and dreams that you put off and decide what small act you’ll do today to rekindle them. Did you always want to learn how to play the piano? Call a piano teacher and get their fee schedule. Did you always want to play baseball? Go online to research your city leagues ā€“ even if it’s the over 40 league! Did you dream of going to far away places? Stop in a travel agency and pick up some brochures of these exotic places.

What small step toward your forgotten dream could you take right now? I can’t tell you enough how strongly this small step could affect your success mindframe.

Practice Extravagant Dreaming Again

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