Your Health – Your Responsibility

Your Health – Your Responsibility

I don’t really expect this article to be very popular. It seems as if the subject of Responsibility has the ability to stir up emotions and a great deal of debate. Launching the subject is as fashionable as inviting a skunk to a tea party.

And yet, Responsibility is probably the greatest issue that needs to be faced when it comes to attaining a state of excellent health and doing well in life. It seems to me there is no getting around it or running away from it. Way too often, people are willing to be victims and are overly agreeable when it comes to leaving their physical, mental and even spiritual health up to others. For some reason they are awfully eager to place the well being of themselves and their families in the hands of the Government, the Medicos, the Gurus, and the Psychs. In my books, this is a good way of becoming a slave. It is the runway to sickness and disease.

It may seem completely unreasonable to claim that you are absolutely 100% responsible for the condition you are in, but it has been my experience that any other way of looking at this leads to failure, illness and death. Oh, I’ve heard the arguments to the contrary. "What about babies born with a disorder or a deformity?" people always ask. "Surely!" they say, "These children didn’t "choose" to be ill or deformed." Well, even in these examples of the very young, research is finding and confirming that such is the case. One of the most famous published cases on record that proves this out was that of ole Doc Christopher himself, who discovered that he had learned "to hate" at the very young age of 14 months old, after his birth mother and father had left him in an orphanage. He discovered that this "hate" had been the "mental cause" of his childhood Thyroid difficulties and his Thyroid cancer in later years. Additionally, there are many cases and confirmed reports of "pre-natal" decisions being made that have physically affected the person afterwards. The real proof of the pudding here is that those who adopt a "full responsibility / no excuses" attitude get better and do very well in life. Doc Christopher and his contributions to mankind is one of the best examples I can think of. His ability to LOVE and care was legendary.

But don’t just take my word for it. The key here is to LOOK and DECIDE for your self. You have to decide what works for you. How can one be responsible when there is so much conflicting information regarding health and healing? What an area of confusion! This is where you have to try things and filter out the untruths as they apply to you and your family. When my friends are spinning around looking for answers, I like to ask them what they were doing when they felt the best. More often than not they tell me they were eating well, exercising, and liked what they were doing in their lives. Well? What does this tell you? When they again do those things that were successful, get even more educated and do some serious cleansing – wow!! Then they really see RESULTS! And believe me if these people are ever told by a Medico that they have a serious disease, they already know what they plan to do to handle it. Many wouldn’t dream of letting a Doctor touch them or a family member.

And this brings me to my next important point. Get the knowledge you need to be healthy NOW! This information will serve you well, should you, a friend, or a family member be told they have a serious, incurable disease. When you are under the stress of such news, it is not the easiest time to start learning about the body, how it works and what would be the best thing to do. However, if you are already grooved in, you know exactly what you need to do and can immediately get started on those actions you believe are best for you or your loved ones. In this way you are prepared and have the best "life insurance" policy available. There is no substitute for personal knowledge.

Many people complain to me that organic foods are expensive. I think getting sick, going to the Medico for expensive tests, and ignorance are way more costly. So, I recommend spending your money on education, organic food, cleansing and exercising instead of health and life insurance. This allows you to be in a position of responsibility and full cause over your life. It is the best investment you can make toward living a long, healthy and productive life. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

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