Magik is the ultimate technology. Magik is that which can be accomplished but not yet explained. Magik is a yoke, a catalyst, it is flux. Magik is that which binds the eternally changing One, the divine All to It’s parts. Magik is a state, a pure state, an embryonic state.

Magik is that state in which all that has been manufactured around the soul becomes transparent and thin and the spirit is realized, remembered to be part of the One. Magik is a state in which you are born again, not a return to birth but a clean and pure state in which your connection to the divine All is obvious and instinctual.

Magik is not created, it is arrived at. It is joined. Our manufactured existence is real and relavant and the Great Art is combining, reconciling, traveling between the pure, embryonic state with our conscious and mundane existence. Magik is connection, connecting, attuning to Everything, to All that Is.

I do not know if God exists. I have a rational mind, I see chemicals and atomics and quanta. I see logic and testing and research. I see stars, I see that the planet is dust and water. But I also see something behind it. I cannot say that "it" is there, in truth…as a Truth, but I see it. I do not know if it is governed by an intelligence or intelligences. I do not know of after-life. I do not know if there are gods and goddesses and spirits and angels and demons.

But I see something, and that something feels real to me. I understand wishful thinking. I understand fear of death and the helplessness in the face of forces so much greater than the human can comprehend…yet.

I understand indoctrination, propaganda and influence. I understand politics and economics. I understand logic and rationalism, objectivism. I see all of these things and I understand their influence. But I still see something else…something other than what is directly in front of me.

I understand the primitive mind…the limbic urges. I understand the need to know, the need to find "the truth"…to base ones world on…to set a foundation unshakable, for comfort for reassurance. I see these things.

But still I see Magik

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