Internet Love?

A sigh unheard,

presses past your lips.

She is before your eyes,

but unseen.

Across the miles,

reachable, but unreachable.


but untouched.

A message signal,

screams from beyond.

Words align,

across your screen.

Pictures paint a thousand words,

what do words paint?

Blushes in the cheeks,

fevers in the heart.

The furrows cease,

the smile broadens.

The fears developed,

now pacified.

You reach for keys,

that unlock a door.

A universe unfolds,

like no other.

You begin to speak,

in lettered words.

Whispered lullabies,

cross your vision.

Satin words,

caress your heart.

Invisible hands,

tug the strings.

You laugh,

you talk, you cry.

You sing the praises,

of one another.

You express yourself,

in velvet words.

Before long,

you become one.

In soul,

in thought.

Indeed …


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