How I Love You

Welcome to the room of love to hear of us,
The Goddess and the Wizard – we’re in love –
We are here tonight but live far apart.
We met on the net through some chatroom luck
Though poetry is our magic connection
With a poem a day posted on different boards
And twenty emails a day each way,
Phone calls 10,000 miles, not that often,
After two flights of more than just fancy
We considered ourselves modern marrieds;
More modem married I guess – much in love.
The Poet became a Wizard to help bring
The Goddess and him closer together.

On passive paper with a pewter pen
The Golden Goddess reads my mind clearly
Of pleasures promised again and again
As I place Ps for her pure eyes to see
Purposefully in spirit, plainly to view
To impress, to please, to surprize the plan,
To withhold only to heighten anew
The promised phase by any proper man,
Sometimes small case, though mainly capitals,
Sometimes sparce, but mainly plentiful;
It’s true a poet can print Ps multiple,
My plan’s to present with style dutiful.
On passive paper with a pewter pen
My purpose is to please my Goddess no end!

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