Every Day

Every day is a little more special
With every breath we take
Every moment that passes by
The impressions that we make

With every breath we’re given
The first could be our last
Simply make the best of them
Let the present be your past

Brave enough to answer
Any beckoned call
Strong enough to face it
The greatest battle of all

Every day that we are here,
Each moment will be blessed
We put away our sadness
And strive for happiness

Sometimes it doesn’t work that way
When hurt takes center stage
When anger overwhelms us
Within a burning rage

Soon it all will come to pass
As the pain will slowly fade
Light emerges from shadows deep
As we stroll out from the shade

Let every breath have meaning,
And purpose to each moment in time
Never forgetting how to smile
Or to move to the rhythm of a rhyme…

To dance with life awhile

Every day this heart is beating
With each gentle breath of fresh air
Blessed to be with family and friends
With precious moments to share

These words are not forgotten
They have earned a place in our heart
Every day life is worth living
Each waking moment a brand new start

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