Dream World

The sky is a clear blue color
Of the bluest ocean
Patches of scattered clouds,
Like cotton candy…
The bird’s distant chirping sounds
Can be heard
In a field of silence.

I sit under the shade
Of the greenest of trees.
The sun playing hide-and-seek
Between the moving branches
Casting a warm touch upon my face
Intermingled with a cool breeze
Playing with my hair…

A pen in my hand, the diary in my lap,
My thoughts… so far off
In another land –
Another dream world.
Suddenly I feel a drop of water
Fall on my hand, then another,
Opening my eyes
I look towards the sky
No dark clouds in sight,
The beauty of the place
Is still the same…

I touch my cheeks and find them wet
The drops I felt
Were the tears I had shed.
The wind I had felt
Sweeping my hair
Was the gentle touch
Of your finger tips,
The warmth I had felt upon my face
Was but the closeness of your being.

I sigh once more and close my eyes,
Rest my head upon my knees.
One more day gone by
And we are still apart.
And, yes, it rained once more today
Like always it does
But … deep in my heart.

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