My guiding star…

Late at night I catch myself dreaming,
Dreaming of the one that’s true.
I know like the stars above,
It’s impossible that I’d find
Someone like you

Then like a shooting star,
You blazed into my life,
Bewildered by your glow,
Astonished with your charm…

Like a guiding star,
Unseen by day, visible at night.
So it is in my life…
You are gone during days,
But always with me at heart

With your warmth and gentle strength,
You keep me guided when I’m lost.
With your love and affection,
You keep me safe and composed.

I may not be able to hold you,
But your touch is constantly felt.
My eyes may not behold you,
But I know you’re always there.

That is our commitment,
Never failing like the moon.
That is our love,
Shining warm rays like the sun.

And so our world revolves,
When your night becomes my day.
But one thing is for certain,
One day we will have our night!

Until that time,
I remain in your care.
When I shall look up,
With faith, and no despair,
There my guiding star will be,
Her name is Desiree.

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