A Moment In Eternity

With the power of passion, we worked like magnets,

Unable to control the need to take hold

Mind to mind, soul to soul…

I never would’ve known I could feel this whole.

Nervous grins… to uninhibited laughs,

You knocked down my defenses way too fast

Next, we were lost in the sheets, our own world of cuddles,

Followed by beautiful contradictions…

Like kisses blatant and subtle.

Communicating without a single word…

Made me want to change my single world…

Because now I want you as my girl.

Arms wrapped around each other…

I sink into you… so much more…

Not just a hug but an embrace that made my heart race…

A heartbeat so enticing it made mine catch up in pace.

Bashfully brave I look up to see a melody

That sounds so bright it warms my heart…

Excuse my words is they don’t make sense…

But your smile sings the most beautiful song…

Making everything right that once seemed wrong

I can never thank you enough for what you’ve done

So unintentionally, You unwrapped my heart

And gave me the gift of emotional bliss;

Invoking in me a peace of mind that can only be described

As a calm transferred through all senses.

Now sunrise to sunset I realize how blessed I am,

Looking at the night sky I get lost thinking of you,

Your eyes like pools of caramel moons

With swirls of love that swoon my soul

To the point I can’t let go… not even if I tried

I know I’m just at the start with you,

But the idea of others seems finished to me,

Whether this be a moment or eternity,

Our memories are certainly forever

You’re in my mind and heart constantly,

And that consistency has helped me realize

We happened the way the most

Awe inspiring things in life do,

So naturally.

You are the sun to my flower,

Equally meaning a kiss to my lips.

But sadly, a million pages a day

Couldn’t do justice in describing what you mean to me,

And a million more couldn’t cover how much I care…

But please know that the day we meet again, those pages

Will mold themselves into actions of pure happiness,

And that these verbal expressions

Might be put here by hand

But come straight from my heart.

And all in all, you’re my unmade wish come true.

So, I hope the one you made on the falling star

Comes through…

But please know that one wish you’ll never have to make

Is me falling for you.

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