A Memory

Days go by, I smile with time

Holding your hand,

Looking in your eyes,

A memory…

Soft kisses with bodies as one,

Laying in your arms

Under the warm summer sun

Waiting for the moment

we touch again

Thinking of you,

My true best friend

Hearts pounding

As we finally touch

I think to myself,

I adore you so much

A memory…

Times from the past,

How beautiful a love can last

With feelings like this,

Sensuality at best,

Erotic thoughts,

My desires will not rest

Holding you while you sleep,

Feeling your breath on my cheek,

Touching your face,

My day is complete

A memory…

Till next our lips press,

Feeling each other’s flesh,

I’ll hold close to my soul,

The pounding of my heart,

And know that I’ll always have …

A memory.

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